It Begins With Us

Women are first to gripe about the way men objectify them; in songs, in person, and by the way they speak, but women are guilty of facilitating. Though we may not always be aware, women constantly denigrate each other which normalizes the issue of mistreatment by men. How can we expect a man to respect us when we don’t even respect each other and are repeatedly creating a fictitious competition within ourselves?

Society has programed us to conject women if they’re dressed a certain way –a whore– to call her a bitch if she acts a certain way or make her appear as a ‘wanna be’ if she suddenly wants to change something about herself. Psychological studies have shown that from early childhood, everything a child sees or hears about women leaves an imprint on her mind and will forever change the way she views herself and every woman around her. We see examples of this continually in media where the women are not as respected as the men, or a pop star that sexualizes herself to earn fame. Even a childhood fairy tale instilling in your mind that you’ll live ‘happily ever after’ once you find a prince.

But this is our time. Recent events such as the #MeToo movement and Women’s Rights marches across the U.S, have proven that women are strong, driven, and capable of ending gender bias.

With change comes time and time has proven that women are indomitable.

As women, we MUST NOT assume that men will only value us if we deprecate ourselves. As women, WE NEED to reduce the impact of belittlement towards each other on Social Media and everyday life. With it all, as women, we need to SET AN EXAMPLE and recognize the way we deem and compete against one another and take initiative once and for all.
It Begins With Us.

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