Streaming’s in and cables out

In recent years streaming services such as, Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Amazon Prime, HBO, ESPN, and more, have undoubtedly become the easiest way to watch your favorite shows and movies.


Online streaming is ideal for anyone with limited time or those without access to a TV. It allows you to stream and basically control what you watch, whenever and wherever you want.

“It’s much easier to watch, and so convenient,” said college student Daria Hoffmann. “There’s no commercials, you can binge all your favorite shows, and it is way cheaper than buying a cable plan.”

A survey conducted on a college campus found that 86% of students interviewed own one, if not multiple streaming services—the most popular being Netflix.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) recently reported that the number of users purchasing streaming services are rising while cable companies seem to remain the same.

With today’s hype of streaming, Disney, one of the biggest media companies in the world, is planned to launch a Disney exclusive service later in 2019.

Disney+ will have a monthly service fee just the same as other companies and will feature all Disney owned content. This means that Netflix will no longer carry popular series like, Lucasfilm (Star Wars), Marvel, and all live action and animated Disney films.

Netflix recently raised their prices for the fourth time on January 15. The monthly cost will immediately be raised by 13 to 18 percent—the largest jump since launching 12 years ago. This is due to their increasing debt from creating original shows and films. Even with higher prices and a large portion of their content soon to be cut, Netflix is still surging with over 58 million subscribers as of September 2018.

Majority of students on campus said they will keep their Netflix subscription despite the loss of all Disney owned content. Each of the 15 students interviewed told reporter Marissa Chavez, that they would not be taking part in Disney+.

“I’m not gonna be buying a Disney+ account,” said first year Cal State LA student Daniela Flores. “But Netflix will be losing a lot of their shows and movies because Disney really owns everything now…some families might end up dropping [Netflix].”

Although Disney has not released a price yet, consumers are certain that it will be ‘typical Disney prices’ and are questioning whether it will be worth it.

Students were aware that Disney owns top companies like Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and ABC, however, many students were ‘shocked’ when they discovered Disney will soon own 21st Century Fox and Hulu later this year.

Disney is not the only media company to be revamping their online streaming, NBCUniversal, WarnerMedia, Apple, CBS, and DC Entertainment are all building their own streaming services, and yes, they will all come with their monthly fees.

Even with some streaming services bringing in more money than the average cable company, there is no hard evidence that proves cable TV will be gone anytime soon.

As technology advances, consumers will be left to decide what is worth their time and money.

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