The carbon footprint

Climate change has been a hot topic for decades, however in recent years scientist have proven with alarming evidence, that the world must make an immediate change to reduce our carbon footprint.

Without changes to the way we use our means of global energy, transportation, industrialism and coal consumption; the worlds’ air, land, and weather as we know it will be in ruins within the next 15 years—with immediate repercussions according to U.N’s top scientists.

Since President Trump declined to take part in the Paris Agreement in 2015, which aims to keep the nations temperature below 2 degrees Celsius, Los Angeles has taken steps to change the way the city uses its resources to ensure a cleaner environment and a stronger economy.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti issued the first-ever Sustainable City plan (pLAn) in 2017. As a result of these changes, LA is now the most water-efficient big city in the United States that uses the most solar power energy and has the highest recycling rate according to the mayor’s pLAn.

Garcetti is certain that within the next 20 years LA will continue on the path to restore and reshape the city. This includes everything from improving the air quality by adding more transit infrastructure to becoming the first city in the nation to reach zero waste.

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