About me

Who am I?
I am in my fourth and final year of college at Cal State LA–originally from San Diego– I am 21 years old and will be graduating in May 2019 with a B.A in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Entertainment Marketing.

My goal is to reclaim the good name of Journalism. It used to be the sole reliable source for all news and it has now turned into an unsound profession. When producing a story I give all sides to the story and provide only facts and evidence. Storytelling should be about providing valuable, eminent information–not forcing opinions– I enjoy reporting all types of news and have ever since I was a child. Hard news, investigative, entertainment, enterprise, broadcast, print, and of course digital.

Outside of Journalism, I love attending concerts and events, music is amazing, and being active plus staying healthy is extremely important to me. I cherish the time spent with family and friends, I am obsessively neat and organized oh and I love all things Disney!

I created this News blog as a way to get some exposure and show some of my work. I am eager to become a part of a news network or journalism organization and begin my career!